ABOUT Brittani 

A former Newcastle foodie and now a qualified nutritionist with a passion for holistic health, encompassing mind, body, soul, diet & lifestyle.

I spent the most part of my adolescent years physically & mentally ill. Ironically, it was through the healing that took place where my passion for health & nutrition was ignited. I then relocated to Sydney temporarily, where I spent years dedicated to studying and completing my Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition.  

My mind is often on twenty-one things at once, always planning, always analysing, always creating. I have a passion for writing, and when not in clinical practice you can find me with my laptop at a local cafe putting together another recipe book or E-book which you can find here

My life is a very simple one ~ I'm a big quality time kind of gal, and cherish the weekends I have with my husband. We rise with the sun, swim in the ocean at one of Newcastle's stunning beaches and always end up drinking way too much coffee...

I hope you enjoy what you find here - there are referenced articles, blog posts, recipes + more. I always love hearing feedback from you about what you want to see more (or less) of. Or, if you wish to book in for a consultation, get in touch and we'll chat