This week I had the pleasure of chatting with the ever so lovely Keira Mason (@keiramary_), she’s a total boss babe, passionate about ethical and sustainable fashion, a health and wellness coach & currently living the dream in Bali w/ her hubby Jared…

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Q: Tell us about what you do – what is at the heart of it?

A: I have come to wear many hats over this last year, haha! But the core of my work at the moment is photography and blogging. I create thoughtful imagery for conscious (ethical and sustainable) businesses, their products and venues etc, while also blogging about my life, conscious living and creating an alternative life abroad in Bali.

I am also a health coach and love incorporating that into everything I do. Health really is at the heart of everything I do.

Q: How did it all begin?

A: I think like most things in my life, not much of what I am doing right now was really planned, it just happened - which for a woman who loves to be organised is a hilarious lesson in itself.

I became interested in ethical and sustainable living a few years ago. Through books, documentaries and my studies as a health coach, I started to understand just how much my personal habits and choices were affecting my health, the world and wellbeing of those around me.

I started making some changes in my personal life and documenting them on my Instagram. People particularly loved learning about ethical and sustainable fashion and wanted to know more about why I made the change. This lead to me starting my blog, which then turned into photography and content creation for the amazing brands that are changing the way we interact with and consume fashion.

The reason why conscious fashion in particular became so import to me is because I was working so hard to reduce my household waste for a healthier environment and keep my body nourished with organic foods but was clothing myself in synthetic, chemical soaked clothing that was harmful to the environment and my health. I also became aware that most garment workers are paid extremely low wages, are forced to work in unsafe environments and are frequently abused in their workplaces. I could never make peace with the fact that my cheap shopping habits were at the expense of other real humans somewhere else in the world.

I love the conscious brands I have been able to work with in the last 12 months. Brands who empower their workers in the design and manufacturing process, pay them fair living wages in safe working environments, who use natural fibres and plant dies and who don’t put profits before heart. Responsible clothing at its best!

Q: What does health and wellness mean to you?

A: To me it means making space to listen and take care of my mind and body so that I am able to live a healthy and free life.

Q: What is your number one health tip for general well-being?

A: Drink more water and create relationships that nourish you.

Q: What is your favorite food/meal

A: Oh my goodness, I feel like I have a new favourite every week! I will list three, my favourite meal to cook at home, favourite meal out and favourite family recipe.

  1. My favourite meal to make at home is a raw chopped salad. It’s super easy and not strict on the ingredients. It’s just a bunch of raw veggies chopped up and tossed together with quinoa, lentils and herbs (coriander and mint are my favourites), with a homemade dressing of lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper, and maple syrup and topped with nuts and seeds.

  2. Eating out - the Nori Bowl from Shady Shack in Canggu. It will change your life. It alone is worth the trip to Bali.

  3. My mother-in-law makes an amazing homemade yellow curry. The flavour is out of this world.

Q: What is your number one tip for balancing all that you do – business, marriage, travel, health, relationships?

A: Honestly, this is something we still struggle with. We both have such inconsistent workloads and job types, mixed with spontaneous travel, but we make it work by always communicating and remaining flexible. We always talk about how we are feeling, our expectations of work and each other and we have also put some boundaries in place for this year; like cooking at home 5 days a week, finishing work by 5:30 pm each day and having at least two days off in a row each month. We also try however we can to plan out food when we travel and make sure we still get in all of the good things we need.

Q: What would be your advice to someone who is considering to pack up and move abroad – what has it taught you and how has it changed you as a person and in your marriage?

A: My advice would be to do it. haha. It’s been a truly crazy nine months but we have loved the learning that comes being completely out of our comfort zone. We keep saying that this move has changed the whole trajectory of our lives and the way that we think and exist will never be the same. We don’t want to imagine what life would look like for us if we never took this leap.

Something to consider is this; we struggled at first. It was hard leaving our family and friends and having to start over while also starting our new businesses. Living in a third world country certainly had (and still has) it’s challenges and we went from spending a few hours each day together to spending every single day side by side.

One of the most obvious areas of growth for me since moving was definitely learning to relinquish control. I have spent most of my life planning and scheduling absolutely everything I can, but here in Bali, things happen at a certain pace. Rarely do our plans work out the way we intended and they certainly don’t happen in the time that we expect, but that’s been incredible for me. I’ve learnt to go with the flow, be flexible and just enjoy the process rather than focusing on the outcome.

Q: We know you’re an ethically styled queen – what’s your ideal outfit and any favorite brands you have you want to let people know about?

 A: Oh wow, that’s so lovely to say! I am so incredibly lucky to get to work with so many amazing brands that are doing incredible things in the world of sustainability and fair work ethics.

My ideal outfit is anything linen that flows. I love loose fitting clothing (I think it’s just more fun to wear!) and linen is my favourite because it stays cool, is the most sustainable fibre to produce and feels incredible. Pair that with bare feet, maybe a delicate necklace and that’s me done!

My list of amazing ethical brands is endless but here are a few that I just can’t get out of my mind; Yoli and Otis, The Wylde, Sunday’s Designs, Zingara, Spell, Hazel and Folk, Indigo Luna, Matter, Reformation, Auliedue and Bird and Kite.

You can see more of the amazing work Keira is doing and connect with her here.