About The Consultation

For all enquiries and appointments you can contact me via email; wellfed.health@gmail.com, or Instagram

What I Offer

I want to work alongside you, to achieve your goals – I am here to encourage, empower and educate you on your body, your health and how you can optimise it through diet and lifestyle choices. I take into account your genetic makeup, your stage in life, your own tastes and preferences and other environmental factors that influence your current state of health. Together as a team we work towards your goals to enhance your health and quality of life.

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Seeing a nutritionist is not just about weight loss, but in fact there are a whole host of different concerns that I can help you with, such as:

- Fatigue

- Digestive complaints, IBS, IBD, reflux, parasites, dysbiosis

- Hormone balancing and restoration, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility

- Skin conditions: acne, eczema, psoriasis

- Stress management, anxiety and depression

- Immune Support and Management of Autoimmune Diseases

- Cardiovascular Support, hypertension, high cholesterol

- Pre conception and pregnancy planning

- Insomnia

- Detoxification protocols

- Restore nutritional deficiencies

- General wellbeing + so much more!

The Consultation

Consultations are in depth discussions, going through all facets of what make you, you! 

During the consultation, I ask a series of questions – to gain a better understanding and an overall picture of whats happening for you in regards to health in a holistic way. We will talk about each body system from digestion, respiration, energy, sleep, emotional health, health history and family history, work, family, stress and more – these can go for up to an hour to an hour and a half, after which I will discuss with you the areas to address, or what to focus on with your nutrition to reach your desired goal, end result, or support your current needs/stage of life. 

Some supplementation may be offered, these will be of the best quality and at a dose that is specific to what your body needs, rather than over the counter pills taken at a ‘general’ dose that may not be what you require.

Additional study also takes place outside the consultation which is included in the cost. I will provide you with further information specific to your interests & personal health profile, other handouts and resources! 

Upon request, a 7-day meal plan can be designed. This is always completed from scratch - I don't give out the same meal plan twice. It will be using foods, recipes and meals that suit your tastes, but also with an emphasis on foods high in specific nutrients that you require to support your current needs. A highly individualised, tailored plan for you to achieve you ultimate health goals, with a focus on education about the foods that will be of benefit to you and not just 'the general population'. Due to the time that this takes, this is at an additional cost to the consultation itself. 

If you're not in my local area, thats not a problem! Skype consultations are available upon request.

Additionally I can also offer DNA testing in clinic or use iridology as additional tools to gain a better understanding of what may be going on for you, or that may point towards previous health concerns you may be predisposed to from a generational line and your own personal family health history. See whats in store & book online right here from my site.

Yours in health,