DNA Profile & Nutrigenomics

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DNA Profile & Nutrigenomics

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What is DNA testing?

DNA testing looks at the DNA of the individual. It’s an integrative tool that can be used to identify specific variations in a person’s chromosomes, genes, and proteins that are otherwise known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). DNA testing helps to provide a better understanding of individual health needs. Extensive profiles and evidence-based reports help to determine more targeted treatment strategies and therefore better patient outcomes.

DNA is collected via a simple one off saliva test that allows you to gain access and deeper understanding of your own unique DNA blueprint.

Using this particular formula we can determine how your current diet and lifestyle may be influencing your genes (known as Nutrigenomics). This way we are able to personalise your diet and lifestyle based on your own genetic information. We can show you how you can “turn off” or down-regulate genes that have the potential to harm whilst “turning on” or up-regulating the genes that help prevent disease and premature ageing.

There is so much value that genetic testing can provide, as it can highlight the interrelationship between genes, nutrition, and lifestyle. There is a range of different panels that have been created that focus on areas of health, including mood, detoxification, methylation, hormones, and fertility.

What’s Involved?

  • An initial consultation outlining your health goals and concerns with a Clinical Nutritionist

  • A genetic panel test of choice

  • Follow up consultation (free of charge) that goes through your results and tailors a treatment plan specifically to you

  • Meal plans and supplements will come at an additional cost that can be discussed during the consultation

By applying this knowledge to your current diet and lifestyle you are able to:

  • Gain more understanding of how your body works

  • Improve health span & slow down the ageing process

  • Learn what health conditions you are at risk for and how to switch these genes off

  • Prevent & reduce the risk of chronic diseases

  • Treating existing health conditions through nutrition and lifestyle

  • Improve energy levels & concentration

  • Learn what diet is suited to your genes

  • Know exactly what supplements will help your body function at its best

  • Learn the most effective weight loss strategies for your genetic makeup

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