Hormones in Harmony - An E-Book for Women


Hormones in Harmony - An E-Book for Women


I’ve spent the summer of 2018 putting together all I have learnt over my adult life and clinical practice to provide you with the information and culinary inspiration to nourish your body and keep your hormones balanced. I have done the journey, physically and mentally paid the price after experiencing rather severe hormonal imbalances that lead to weight gain, depression, insomnia, absent periods, dry skin, cold temperatures, fatigue and so much more.

This E book is for you if you’ve ever:

  • Experienced fatigue, stress or unexplained weight gain

  • Suffer with heavy or painful periods, irregular periods or PMS

  • Have cravings for sugar, feel dizzy and weak between meals or become ‘hangry’

  • Have trouble sleeping or feel foggy headed and lacking motivation

  • Or just want to know about your hormones, your body and what to eat to keep hormones in check

I pray this book sheds some light for you in areas of hormonal health that have been tricky to navigate, please do not take this book as medical advice or to replace the advice given by your health practitioner. If you have doubts about your current treatments for any reason, I do encourage you to gather a second opinion from someone qualified in the appropriate field.


I am always available for consults to tailor specific nutritional remedies to suit your current needs and to support you on your healing journey. I conduct both face to face and Skype consultations so that I am accessible to all no matter where your place of residency.

 Here’s to a new year of harmonious hormones ladies!

Yours in health,

Brittani x

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This book was birthed out of a desire to educate, empower and encourage women around their hormones and how much of our health and vitality they influence. This is not to replace medical advice or medication prescribed. If you have doubts about your current treatment and care I urge you to seek out a second opinion from a qualified professional.