'I absolutely loved my experience with Britt. I couldn't recommend anyone better in this business. Britt went above and beyond for me as a client and for that i'll be forever grateful. I really love Britt's holistic approach, professionalism, kindness, guidance, knowledge and helpfulness as my nutritionist.

Thank you so much Britt for all you have done for me. I (as well as many others) have noticed a massive shift in my whole self; my weight, skin, energy levels and all round happiness.

I'd recommend anyone at any stage of where they're at on their health and wellness journey to go see Britt. Worth every cent you invest! Would highly recommend’

- Chloe


I highly recommend Brittani Kolasinski to anyone who has an interest in the health and wellbeing of their body and wants to reach optimal health!

I started seeing Brittani around 8 months ago after prolonged issues with my health and quality of life.

Brittani was able to educate me with the tools I needed to reach goals that I never thought I would reach (coming off antidepressants, Antacids, and I was able to get to a healthy BMI after losing 15 kilos with my new and improved lifestyle.

My energy levels went from a 2 to a current 7-8 most days which was very welcomed! I am so thankful I come across Brittani and am forever thankful.  

- Blair



I sought out some help from Brittani at Well Fed when my anxiety was getting on top of me during my third pregnancy.

Britt helped me implement different day to day choices and some really suitable supplements to help me better support both my mental and physical health. Not to mention the delicious recipes!

I was really able to get back into the swing of things and feeling myself with her help" 

- Breanna


"It was a friend who introduced me to Brittani and her company Well Fed. After seeking help over a large number of years from professionals such as dietitians, doctors, health and obesity experts, it was obvious I was sceptical about seeing another. I have paid for so many health and weight loss programs over the past twenty years which were unhelpful and not specific to my needs.

Whilst studying for a Masters Degree in Gastronomy, I became aware of the various ways of eating such as the Ketogenic Diet. This allowed me to lose a fair bit of weight but I was still obese, unhealthy and lacking in energy.

During my initial consultation with Brittani, I realised how thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate she is about one’s health and wellbeing. I took a leap of faith and followed the program that Brittani designed specifically for me.

In the first five days, I lost 3.4 kilo. The tailored program has made me aware of the health benefits of ‘clean eating’ whilst following a ketogenic diet which is what I wanted. I feel so much better in myself, my appearance and my general health. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Brittani and her business Well Fed to any and everyone."

- Kathryn