Whether you are a health professional wanting to collaborate, or someone seeking out help and support on how to supercharge your health and your wealth, you my dear have come to the right place! My vision and my mission is to empower, encourage and educate and I do this from multiple platforms;


…. but there’s more



I love to write, I love to use my writing as a platform to empower, encourage and educate on the matters of health, happiness, nutrition and lifestyle. If you’d like me to write for you I would be so honoured. I’ve written previously for organisations such as Mindd Foundation as well as other health professionals including Jordan Pie, the team at Hunter Rehabilitation and Health, The Nutrient Project, Talking V’s, Embrace Aquanatal and currently contribute weekly to the newsletter at St Phillips Christian College in Waratah. You can also find an abundance of articles here on my page as well as meal plans and E books I’ve created. Send me an email to talk more and get some ideas flowing.



I’ve previously hosted multiple workshops within the clinic I practice, Thrive Wellness Hub. I’ve also spoken at festivals including Lost Paradise and at events at local Highschools and churches in Sydney and Newcastle. Each month you’ll find I host Instagram Lives that are streamed from my IG account, these cover a variety of different topics that I think you’ll enjoy, you’ll also get to meet my husband this way and be amazed at his level of knowledge and expertise in the field of human movement and exercise.



How would you describe your perfect self - when it comes to health, wealth & happiness, or simply how would your ideal day would unfold? During a one-on-one consultation I take in to account all facets of ‘health’ including mind, body & spirituality. I work with you and where you are at, providing you with the empowerment, encouragement and education to get you to where you want to be. I offer both face to face and online appointments so theres nothing holding you back from enquiring today.

But there’s more…

What if there were a way to write your own rule book, to move away from the status quo? What if your ideal day, your ‘dream day’ could become your reality?


My husband and I have been asking these exact questions. What is really important to us in this life? What do we want to achieve with our time on this earth? How do we really want to live?

When it comes to wealth, we want our money to simply be a resource rather than a sense of security for us. For us ‘hustling’ for our income to accumulate possessions and a big house is not a priority. Having time together is, making memories is a must, eating whole, organic produce is, hosting family and friends and feeding them with the best, most nourishing food is a priority, travelling the world together is what we want to do - we want to really experience life together.

We love our work, yes, but we also are mindful of when the time comes to start a family we don’t want to be pressured to return to work at the cost of our time with our babes, or to fork out the expenses associated with child care. We are no where near ready to retire (nor do we have any desire too) but we definitely wanted to shake up the structure of our days so that we could be creating an income for us and our family while still being of service to others health and wellbeing, and still being home with the family, raising healthy happy children.


Sound too good to be true?

We thought it was too..But then something shifted. My philosophy has always been to use food as medicine, even with the clients I consult, I refer them back to real food to heal and shy away from synthetic supplements. But, many of us need a little extra. It’s a known fact that here in Australia we have mineral deficient soil. So, I am mindful that although I am buying and eating fresh organic produce, I know that the soil its grown in greatly effects the nutrient density. I also know that many of us don’t shop at the farmers markets, maybe we are a regular customer at Woolworths, Coles or Aldi? Meaning that nutrient density is lacking even more so.

[DID YOU KNOW? Large supermarkets actually store fruits and vegetables for up to a YEAR?!]

So really, how much nutrition is in the foods we eat? Then couple that with our stress-inducing lifestyle and you’ve got a recipe for depletion. I’m determined to make a change. Make a change to the health and wellness of many - to those who I am unable to reach through a one-on-one consultation, but who are wanting more from their own health and wellness. I did my research, and I’ve come across a nutritional product with ZERO chemicals and weird ingredients - it’s quite literally fruits, vegetables and berries, It’s a product that truly harnesses ‘food as medicine’ in a way thats real, honest, in line with my core values & beliefs and simple to incorporate into any lifestyle.

For me these products have been a total game changer. I’ve always eaten well and looked after my body, and I care about what I put into this temple of mine - which I know anyone who know’s me can vouch for - but to see such massive results in my own health and vitality, well this got me hooked.

For me, I’m determined to make this year and every one after to be a time of conscious and intentional living. It will be a year of awakening, a year to rest more, a year to move, to think and to create - and with the financial freedom to do so.

How can this be?

Well, it so happens that there is a business here, with this line of nutritional products. And yes, I was skeptical - I don’t do Network Marketing, I find pyramid schemes to be untrustworthy, and totally confusing. But as I got to know more about the brand, and about how they roll, I got to ask all of my questions and get answers from a real, authentic and genuine person. I was never pushed into doing this, it didn’t feel ‘salesy’ or sleazy in the slightest. I knew intuitively that this was something I could trust, and something I wanted to invest time into.

When I find products I love and trust I tell everyone about them and with no incentive for myself. I was more than happy to do this for this brand as well, but to be rewarded in a way that allows me to have more time to invest into other passions of mine (writing books, spending time with family, travel etc), as well as seeing others harness their health and create abundance in their life (that is the real reward).

This brand and these products are not something new, they are tried and tested, with over 30 medical journal published studies proving its effectiveness (something that is SO important to me). This company values authenticity, quality and community, and these are what drew me in.

Whats even better is that I’m now apart of something bigger. Through this I’m not just a sole trader doing the business thing alone, but now I’ve found a community of like-minded individuals who are there to connect with, who support me, and champion me along the way.

So, what do you have to lose by asking


If you want to know more, if there is even the slightest part of you that knows life could be better, if you want to write your own rule book and live in alignment with your values and desires, while creating abundance in all areas of your life, then I want to connect with you and have a chat to get to know you and what it is you're after…